Tudy’s Bio

I have to start out by saying that ever since I was little, I have loved food! Being of middle eastern decent, food has always been a major focal point in our household. You always knew you could find a member of my family in the kitchen eating or cooking something. My mom always knew how to make the best spanokipita, mousakka and spaghetti and meatballs.

It wasn’t until I was about to get married that I realized I needed to start cooking for myself. I could no longer get by on picking up food on my way home or eating nachos at midnight with my roommates, as I had done throughout college. I will never forget the moment my fiancé said “are we going to go out to dinner every night because you never cook?” That’s when reality hit home. At first I thought cooking was going to be stressful, but the more I cooked, the more I realized I truly loved it.

It was during law school that my love for cooking really developed. Cooking was the only way I knew how to relieve all the stress of law school, and it was of course where I met my partner in crime and cooking partner, Tali! As I began to cook more and more, I really wanted to think of a way I could incorporate all my childhood favorites and all the favorites I love as an adult into a healthier version. It was truly important to me, since I have Type I Diabetes and know how important it is to have a healthy and well balanced diet. It has not always been easy balancing my love for foods such as chicken pot pie and macaroni and cheese, which are filled with carbohydrates and fat, and maintaining a nutritious, balanced diet.

However, the more Tali and I discussed our love for food (which we did a lot), the more we thought we could make our favorite foods healthy and delicious without compromising the taste. Over the last couple of years, we have experimented with a lot of different techniques and ideas, and hope we have come up with some ideas and recipes that you will enjoy.