oven baked fried chicken, some delicious goodness

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I have another confession to make, one of my favorite things in the world is fried chicken. Of course we all know how terrible it is for you since its deep fried chicken but I have come up with a recipe that will never make you miss "the real" fried chicken again. This recipe was so good I had it for breakfast the next day.  I know what you are guys are thinking I'm a little gross, but it really was delicious. Well in order to recreate a healthy fried chicken I think there are two things you need to do. You need to leave the bone in the chicken and you need to make sure you… continue reading oven baked fried chicken, some delicious goodness | 544 Comments

chicken parm without the harm

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So my husband has always loved chicken parmesan, but I have always stayed away from making it at home because of all the calories and fat that come with it. Between having to dip the chicken in eggs, frying it, and then covering it in cheese it made for a pretty unhealthy chicken dish. However, today I made a rather healthy chicken parmesan that utilizes whole wheat flour, egg whites, and low fat mozzarella cheese (and of course no butter or oil in the whole recipe)! Hope you like it! Joey seemed to love it, since he couldn't stop eating it :) amy's bachelorette party 051 Chicken Parmesan (4 servings) 4 6 oz chicken breasts pounded to a 1/2… continue reading chicken parm without the harm | 209 Comments

yummy in my tummy chicken pot pie

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While the weather may still be a little warm in California, I decided to make one of my most comforting one pot meals, chicken pot pie! 076085 My recipe for chicken pot pie is truly good for you because it contains no oil or butter and is packed with vitamins and proteins. Best of all, each individual chicken pot pie has less than 6 grams of fat, compared to a normal pot pie that usually has over 30 grams of fat! Ingredients 3 6oz. skinless boneless chicken breasts cut into ½ inch chunks 2 cups frozen mixed vegetables composed of carrots, green beans, corn, and peas 3 cloves garlic, minced 1/3 cup all purpose flour 1 ½ cups chicken broth 1… continue reading yummy in my tummy chicken pot pie | 1993 Comments

tasty, healthy, fast, chicken fajitas

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Blog pics 037 As I mentioned in my previous post it can be hard to put a healthy, tasty meal on the table in a short amount of time. Well one of my favorite recipes when I am in a rush is  chicken fajitas because everything can be made in 20 minutes.  Chicken fajitas are packed with a good source of lean protein and a diverse set of vitamins from the peppers, onions and guacamole. What I love even more about these fajitas is that they satisfy my junk food craving even though I am eating something truly good for me! Chicken Fajitas (makes 6 soft tacos) 12