french women don’t get fat…

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the pastries are so beautiful...maybe they only eat with their eyes?? IMG_0127IMG_0170IMG_0169 Seriously though, there's something so satisfying about eating something that's both incredibly beautiful and delicious. Speaking of beautiful, check out these artistic Parisian window displays! IMG_0180IMG_0201 One of my favorite places we ate at was Toraya - a Japanese tea house/French patisserie.  The green tea hot chocolate was amazing (think of a chocolate green tea latte), and the macarons (soy, green tea, black sesame and red bean flavored) were so delicious.  French-Japanese is such an interesting fusion!  I… continue reading french women don't get fat... | 10131 Comments

probably won’t be “going lightly”…

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because I'm going to Paris!  Tomorrow!  Very excited about it, and I'm guessing the trip will be filled with butter, cheese, and all kinds of other delicious things.   Hoping to get some new, wonderful cooking inspiration while I'm away, and I already can't wait to get home and make tons of fun, healthy and fantastic food in 2010!  Happy New Year!  xo, Tali…

wholesome potato pancakes

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The other night I wanted to try something new with potatoes. So I decided to make a potato pancake, but not the traditional way with left over mashed potatoes. Instead, I decided to boil the potatoes first and and then added a few unique twists like dill and a yogurt dill sauce. I thought there was something rather addicting about them since I ate about 7 of them. Potato Cakes 4 cups shredded potatoes (preferably russet potatoes) 1 tablespoon dill 1/3 cup parmesan cheese 1 1/2 teaspoons minced garlic 3/4 teaspoon  sea salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 egg whites beaten Cooking Spray Fill a large pot with water and add the potatoes. Two large russet potatoes… continue reading wholesome potato pancakes | 1521 Comments

we’re back!!!!

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So it turns out studying for the bar exam is just a little more time consuming than we thought.  Although we hoped we'd still be cooking well into July, we gave in, put away our aprons, and devoted endless hours to studying.  But now we're back and after a three-week European adventure, we're more excited than ever to get back into the kitchen!  Hope you're all excited, too, and ready for some fun posts as we try to adapt the amazing food we ate in Europe to our somewhat healthier American lifestyle :)          

just for good measure!

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Well, Tudy and I are currently studying for the bar exam, which (sadly) means less time for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, and in my case, a lot more time eating things like cereal.  Breakfast cereal is definitely my default comfort food, and I have a feeling that I'm not the only person who could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner some days!  I love love love it - and I'm usually pretty good about the one's I eat (mostly the healthy, high fiber ones and oatmeal...but even those can have surprising amounts of sugar and fat in them!).  I've noticed that I end up gaining a few pounds when I go through a few weeks without much time to plan/cook - and it's probably