A little lean cut of meat never hurt anyone

Posted in American, Beef, cooking and recipes, Tudy on October 30th, 2009 by tudy – 258 Comments

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I was reviewing our blog the other day and I realized that it didn't have any recipes that used beef. I know red meat¬† is generally considered unhealthy but sometimes you crave it and that is all you want to eat. So when you get those urges, I have discovered that if you use a lean cut of beef and get it sliced thin it satisfies the craving and a little goes a long way! This recipe uses filet mignon cut really thinly and is topped with onions and mushrooms so you are still getting your dose of vegetables. To get the beef sliced really thin I just had the butcher do it for me… continue¬†reading A little lean cut of meat never hurt anyone | 258 Comments