easiest dessert ever!

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DSC01508Watermelon, tomato and feta salads were all over the place last summer.  But leave out the tomato and dressing, and you've got a pretty incredible dessert!  I was introduced to this in Israel over the summer when, after dinner, my aunt and uncle brought out a big plate with fresh watermelon and feta cheese.  I thought it was kind of weird at first, but after trying it I became addicted and asked for it almost every night.  The sweet, crisp watermelon is perfect with salty, creamy feta cheese.  You could make watermelon and feta cubes and toss them together, or even make watermelon and feta skewers - but I like serving it as big wedges of watermelon and slices

HAVE TO eat cheesecake?!

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One of my favorite Jewish holidays, Shavuot, just passed.  It's always been my favorite holiday because you're supposed to eat dairy foods (...why is it that my favorite things always revolve around food??).  I guess technically, there's no actual requirement to eat cheesecake on this holiday, but it's one of those traditions that I love and just HAVE TO follow...wouldn't want to break with tradition!! I don't eat cheesecake that often, so I guess it wouldn't be a big deal to just eat a slice (sometimes you just want the real deal) and feel gross later (and probably force myself to "diet" for a few days trying to make up for it).  Did you know that your average slice of cheesecake can contain about