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“3-point” zucchini balls

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Not only are these zucchini balls a "3-pointer", but they can be made in 3 easy steps: grating, combining and baking. I love these zucchini balls because they honestly are full of flavor and make me think I am eating fried zucchini (one of my favorite foods ever) when I am actually eating something much healthier and better for you. These honestly make a perfect snack or are perfect for kids who don't want to eat their vegetables. Zucchini Balls (makes 20 balls) 2 medium to large zucchini grated 1 small onion grated, about a ½ cup or a little less 1/3 cup of parmesan cheese ½ cup of bread crumbs 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2… continue reading "3-point" zucchini balls | 516 Comments

Pomegranate dessert in 30 seconds

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Growing up my mom used to make me this amazingly easy dessert that takes about 30 seconds to make and is very very healthy for you. The main ingredient in the dessert is pomegranate seeds which everyone knows is a super food these days.  Pomegranates are very high in anti-oxidants, fiber and Vitamin C and also contain calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin B. All these benefits combined make it a very healthy food to eat. The way I have seen pomegranates most often are as a juice or as a salad topper so I thought this refreshing, simple dessert would be something new some of you might enjoy. Pomegranate Dessert 2 cups pomegranate seeds 1 cup… continue reading Pomegranate dessert in 30 seconds | 127 Comments

put some pep in your pepita.

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DSC01947Ever since The New York Times told me that pumpkin seeds are one of The 11 Best Foods [I'm Not] Eating, I've been trying to work them into my diet.  They have a ton of magnesium and B vitamins, and also have anti-inflammatory properties.  They're great on salads and they make a really easy snack that's packed with protein - 9 grams in every 1/4 cup serving!  

Anyway, enough about how healthy pepitas are.  Yes, they're healthy, but on their own they're not all that much fun.  This recipe changes that.  These pepitas are a perfect party snack - or anytime snack.  But if you are making them for a party, be sure to make 2 batches -… continue reading put some pep in your pepita. | 105 Comments

chicken noodle soup with a twist

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It rained for the first time last night and of course I wanted something warm for dinner, so I made my favorite soup growing up: chicken noodle soup! However, the way my mom made chicken noodle soup was slightly different than the way most people are used to it. In middle eastern culture their version of chicken noodle soup uses a boiled onion and lemon juice to flavor the broth rather than the traditional celery and carrots. This was my favorite soup growing up and it still holds a special place in my heart, so I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Chicken Noodle Soup 1 cornish game… continue reading chicken noodle soup with a twist | 281 Comments

lentil soup for the soul.

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What's more comforting than a big bowl of soup?  DSC00737 I'm in New York visiting my family for the week, and today was one of those great days in New York when the weather is supposed to be terrible, but then ends up being kind of fantastic.  It was supposed to rain, but instead it was just chilly enough for a sweater and boots.  Perfect day for a big bowl of soup!  Which is all I craved all day.   This lentil soup is fantastic.  It doesn't require any oil/fat/added sugar, and it's incredibly easy to throw together.  AND it's so delicious that Jordan actually requested I make it for our last anniversary dinner -

double dipping.

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 DSC01504 Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a light dinner, especially when it's hot out (which it is).  A light dinner...just some appetizers and a great salad...but even though I love appetizers, sometimes they're the most unhealthy part of a meal.   Well, as far as appetizers go, hummus and tzatziki are pretty good options.  Garbanzo beans in one, yogurt in the other, what can be so bad about that?  Well, even these healthier options can still be pretty caloric and fattening.  Whole-fat yogurt is usually the culprit in tzatziki, while in hummus, the problem is a bit more severe: tahini paste.  It's pretty easy to substitute non-fat yogurt for whole-fat, but what's a good tahini substitute?  Turns