Moussaka that’ll make ya’ talk’a

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So tonight I decided to make a lighter version of a traditional Greek dish called moussaka and it surprisingly turned out fantastic! Moussaka is very similar similar to lasagna except the noodles are substituted for fried eggplant and you also use a custard bechamel sauce in addition to the meat sauce.  To make the dish lighter, I just sprayed the eggplant with cooking spray and baked it, instead of  frying it in oil. To continue lightening up the dish I only used 1 tablespoon of butter in the custard bechamel sauce instead of using a 6 or 7 tablespoons and used lean ground turkey instead of ground beef. Joey's aunt makes this dish… continue reading Moussaka that'll make ya' talk'a | 120 Comments

bring the freshness to you with greek salad!

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So the weather has been really crazy in CA these days. Yesterday it was cold and rainy and today it was 80 degrees. Since I am guessing there a few hot days left, I decided to make a really refreshing greek salad that uses alot of vegetables. After my trip to Greece this summer, I fell in love with greek salad, but whenever I had it was always covered in olive oil. I think this recipe's dressing tastes delicious with just a teaspoon of olive oil.

Greek Salad

2  ripe tomatoes chopped (preferably tomatoes on the vine) 1/2 a hot house cucumber chopped in 1/2 thick slices 1/4 cup… continue reading bring the freshness to you with greek salad! | 208 Comments

double dipping.

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 DSC01504 Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a light dinner, especially when it's hot out (which it is).  A light dinner...just some appetizers and a great salad...but even though I love appetizers, sometimes they're the most unhealthy part of a meal.   Well, as far as appetizers go, hummus and tzatziki are pretty good options.  Garbanzo beans in one, yogurt in the other, what can be so bad about that?  Well, even these healthier options can still be pretty caloric and fattening.  Whole-fat yogurt is usually the culprit in tzatziki, while in hummus, the problem is a bit more severe: tahini paste.  It's pretty easy to substitute non-fat yogurt for whole-fat, but what's a good tahini substitute?  Turns

stuff yourself!

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We stayed at the cutest little hotel in Santorini, called Anemomilos, and they had a restaurant where I ate the BEST stuffed tomatoes ever.  I've been thinking about them since getting back to the U.S., and I finally decided to take a stab at a healthy version since Tudy was coming over right around lunch time :)  This recipe uses brown rice, two tablespoons of olive oil and a few pinches of brown sugar - not bad!  It's also so incredibly versatile that I'm tempted to make it every night for the next week.  I added in some bell peppers (because I had some left over) and chopped walnuts for texture (and omega-3s), but I think this would be delicious with just about anything you can think of